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MoU Signed Between Bahrain Polytechnic and Rashid Al Zayani Charity Foundation

In the first collaboration between Rashid Al Zayani Charity Foundation and Bahrain Polytechnic, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the two parties for financially supporting Bahraini students in order to complete their university studies at Bahrain Polytechnic through "Good Loan Fund”. This cooperation stems from the principle of social responsibility, in the belief that education is a primary pillar of building societies and reviving nations.

Through its projects, Rashid Al Zayani Charity Foundation seeks to support needy families, and education is one of the most important solutions in helping individuals to support their families, securing a decent life for them. The Foundation will cover all costs of study for the students until they graduate, by providing them with "Good Loan Fund” that the students will pay back after getting a job at a time that is convenient for them and their families.

On behalf of the Foundation Management, Mr. Hamid Rashid Al Zayani said: "The Good Loan Fund was an idea that was inspired from our Islamic culture which is rich with many fine values that we wanted to apply in a new way in the Kingdom of Bahrain, by facilitating access to higher education for the nation’s students. The paid amount is thus recycled through this good initiative among scholars for many years, benefiting the lives of individuals and families, supporting the continuation of the stability and development in society. "

It is worth mentioning that this cooperation represents the first phase of this initiative, where 20-25 students who meet the conditions for obtaining support will be assisted per year, the most important of the conditions being: to be holders of admission to Polytechnic, to pass a personal interview with those associated with the Foundation, that the applicant is not a recipient of a scholarship from any other party, and that the applicant is eligible for financial support under the terms of the Foundation.

On the sidelines of the signing ceremony, many topics and ideas were discussed and put forward to strengthen means of cooperation between the two parties, which would support Bahrain Polytechnic's efforts to develop scientific research, to promote innovation and to increase its rates in the field of applied higher education. This contributes to preparing graduates who are willing to engage in the labor market, who are open to lifelong learning, and are qualified to become entrepreneurs. Through this cooperation with the Foundation, Bahrain Polytechnic aspires to graduate generations that re armed with knowledge and provided with love of giving, always seeking to develop and elevate the Kingdom of Bahrain on all levels. The signing ceremony was followed by a tour of some of Polytechnic’s facilities, to view the possibilities of the innovation center and the support services for scientific research for students Polytechnic. A brief was given on student achievements, and the center’s future plans.

On this occasion, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Asiri, Acting CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, declared:

“Amid the atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan, the signing of the cooperation agreement with Rashid Al Zayani Charity Foundation adds a new accomplishment to the bank of Bahrain Polytechnic’s achievements. The Foundation aims to provide material assistance to low-income students of Bahrain Polytechnic in order to complete their studies with ease, which is a good cause that strengthens societal building and enhances co-operation between all components of society, which our Islamic faith calls us to. We were pleased to meet Mr. Hamid Rashid Al Zayani, who enriched everyone with his broad and varied experience. He presented many ideas that contribute to funding scientific research and made generous offers to adopt creators and innovators from Bahrain Polytechnic students and graduates. Bahrain Polytechnic is continuously seeking to promote applied scientific research and to support innovation, in line with its general directives and main goals under its strategic plan of 2015-2019. This corresponds with the national plan for scientific research and the government's National Development Strategy for 2015-2018, which is a continuous quest to attain the vision of 2030 Bahrain.



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